Best FrSky Transmitter with low cost!

HorusRC is a rising online retailer and wholesaler offering a wide range of radio control equipment. In addition to carrying RC gear from well-known brands, such as Emax and RunCam, HorusRC offers the entire line of FrSky RC transmitters at great prices. Whether you pilot RC aircraft, drive RC surface vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, etc), these radio transmitters can do it all. The wide variety of FrSky radios also cater to the diverse needs and styles of individual enthusiasts. From the flagship Horus radios, with their high-end components and menu-driven system, to the Taranis radios, with their own unique features and open source programming, there is a FrSky radio for you.
HorusRC, also carries a wide variety of spare parts for your FrSky radio. If you want to refresh an older radio, repair a damaged part, or customize for a little more flare, be sure to check out our Transmitter large selection of transmitter parts and accessories. We know you want to receive your new radio transmitter or spare parts as quickly as possible and for a great price. Free express international shipping is available to ensure you get your radio control gear quickly and for as affordable as possible. Take a look around our store and enjoy shopping at HorusRC for your RC hobby needs

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